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Why drowning.org?

I spent a few hours one night casting about for a domain name. I wanted something that was memorable and that meant something to me. Things like that were hard to find.

At one point I discovered that alternate forms of verbs were more likely to be available. I tried a lot of gerunds.

As the night stretched on, I just started going through CDs looking for song titles I could rip off.

So, drowning.org is named for a pretty good Joe Jackson song.

In my mind it's acquired other baggage, but I'm not going to get into that.

Not drowning.org

The Drowning Prevention Foundation's mission is to prevent the tragedy of drownings through the use of public information, education, and policy change.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and the National Library of Medicine have more information.

Fear Not Drowning is a zine whose name, like that of my web site, is sometimes explained away as a quote. I wish I'd gotten my title from Shakespeare.

There are many bad bands with "Drowning" in their names, but I'll let you find them yourself. There may also be good bands; if you like, you can let me know.