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Stork Carpets

A Pet Rock Stars tribute band

For the 2003 Blogathon, Scott Andrew and Shannon Campbell, who have never met in person, spent 24 hours writing and recording songs together. It's a great idea, with great results. (Not least: Over a thousand dollars for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.)

Around the time they were laying down the last tracks for "Southdown", it occurred to me that (a) I really liked it, (b) the Creative Commons license was designed to encourage reuse, and (c) if I started then, I could have a cover version of the song together by the time they finished the blogathon the next morning.

(Well, I ended up doing most of it the next day. I'm lazy.)

I wanted my version to be complementary to Scott and Shannon's, so I followed two self-imposed rules:

  • Exactly the same tempo and structure as the original.
  • None of the same instruments they used (except voice).

So where their version is completely acoustic--guitars, voice, and harmonica--mine is all synthesizers except for an electric guitar played with an odd technique. This is not my usual style, which made the whole process experimental and fun.

So anyway: Here's my version of "Southdown".

Sounds by Erik Ostrom.
Song by Scott Andrew and Shannon Campbell.
Creative Commons License
This song is available under a Creative Commons License.
(Note: This is a different license from my usual.)
Go read the blog and listen to the original.