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Some Songs

TK is a short but cheap CD of my songs. You can download
full-length MP3s of several tracks here--then go buy it at CDBaby!
TK album cover TK by the numbers
  • 7 songs
  • 1 studio (my living room)
  • 2 very intermittent years
  • 2 microphones
  • 1 person
  • 9 instruments
  • 0 amps
TK tracks
  1. One and the Same
  2. Snowblinded
  3. Losing Streak
  4. Everything You Read
  5. No Time To Lose
  6. Ready For The Show
  7. By Your Side
Here's a live one.
Snowblinded - a tale of longing and weather somewhere north of here
Here are some new ones.
I Am Tempted - written for Song Fight
You Were Watching the Sky

Sounds by Erik Ostrom.
Songs by Erik Ostrom.
Creative Commons License
These songs are available under a Creative Commons License.
I also play songs by other people.